Rep's from Atlantic Records have told us pre order predictions have Cardi B selling over 1 Million albums her first week –

Cardi B is really running New York like C Tha God told 6ix9ine during his Breakfast Club interview. Cardi B’s new album “Invasion Privacy” is scheduled to drop April 6th and our people at Atlantic records are telling us she is going to do 1 million sales the first week.

Going f Pre Order sale predictions it seems the album will fly f the shelfs and the label is estatic. This will be the biggest release 2018 forsure.

Once again major congrats are in order for Cardi B

I’m also seeing predictions on sales and numbers .Please STOP! I’m already having bad anxiety .Let the shit drop and do what it do.

— iamcardib (@iamcardib)

I will never let nobody discredit me ,before i sign to Atlantic i put 2 mixtapes out and i was pushing FOREVA by myself .I went to Renaissance HS for musical theater .I been love music .After high school i Stopped wanna know why ?cause music DONT PAY YOUR FUCKING BILLS A JOB DOES

— iamcardib (@iamcardib)

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