Remember remember Nickatina & Jacka?

AKA damn, it’s been a decade since My Middle Name Is Crime already?

Andre Nickatina & The Jacka – We Miss You Furl
(From My Middle Name Is Crime EP; 2010)

Never been able to decide whether I wish Nickatina & Jacka had rhymed over this beat or it’s most evocative as it is as a wordless ode to lost friends. Probably the latter since it made for hecka emotive backing music to those Jack History Month videos that Thizzler did a couple of years ago. I ain’t too familiar with We Miss You Furl‘s producer K-Maxx but maybe I should since he was also behind my fave track on the EP where Andre & Shaheed went full tag-team on some Erick & Parrish Making Blapz type shit.

Andre Nickatina & The Jacka – Square Crows
(From My Middle Name Is Crime EP; 2010)

“Down for the count like Dracula’s people” was such a hot line that Jacka used it on Square Crows and Loyal To The Mob. Great simile, Jacka pushed heat like a chimney sweep.