Raven Symone makes a instagram post calling Jay Z & Diddy Drug Dealers and Pimps – HipHopHotness.com

Disney superstar Raven Symone is under a fire storm from the Hip Hop community. Raven recently made a post where she called Diddy, Jay Z, T.I. and others Drug Dealers and Pimps. The picture came from Jay Z’s RocNation brunch for the Grammy’s and it had Hip Hop’s elite all in one room.

Raven screen grabbed the picture and posted it on her verified Instagram account with the caption “A group so called ‘successful’ black men who became rich and famous through perpetuating the worst black stereotypes to the ears and eyes the entire planet..”

Once the Hip Hop community got wind her commnets they began to eat her alive with comments on the post.

Raven later deleted the post and followed with this “Deleted my post because the comments were not something I want my underage followers looking at. I’m not deleting because I don’t believe in what I said.”

Check everything below and tell us what you think. Is Raven Symone being a Uncle Tom?

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