Raury Odyssey

Raury  Odyssey

Having recently parted ways with his major label overseers, Raury shares a new track called “Odyssey” and fers some thoughts on the pressional predicament he found himself in and his desire to just escape to the woods and play music for the people. Check out both below.

Here is a song breaking down exactly how I feel in this stage my life as a light worker in such a dark industry. I don’t know how all my idols got turned into something else but I can’t give in and play “the game” I would much rather rip myself from this labyrinth ego, manipulation and greed. Trust my fans and know that for the music I give them I can survive. I just want to jam with my friends in the woods, be liberated the matrix, and leave the keys behind.

Until then i promise you I never quit music, it just Takes one hell a plan to move ice across the desert. I will protect my vision, I will deliver these messages, I will not be stopped.

On a less mature tip fuck this game fuck all you people shrivieling up the true power artistry for the sheer sake prit. Fuck you parasitic ass shapeshifting vampires that manipulated teenage Raury, those that served themselves at my dinner table with no consideration for me looking to misguide me for your own prit. You have no heart, and can never tell me who i am, or who i should be… I know who i am and i am all heart, i am a Freezeflaming meteor truth rawness and passion, I am the embodiment free will, I AM THE ARTIST I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR WALLS IN WHATEVER WAY SHAPE OR FORM THEY MAY COME. I WILL FIND A WAY OUT!!!

Will be playing in the woods, selling t’s giving music for free and leading a career that actually helps people. No longer with LVRN no longer with Columbia. I now embark on a Journey aligned with my artistic purpose.

Come to the woods