Rather UNiiQU3

UNiiQU3 – UNiiQU3’S Groove (Get Down)
(From UNiiQU3’S Groove (Get Down) single; 2020)

Pretty funny that this has ended up one of my favourite choonz of 2020 – Jersey Club is not a type of music I’ve had any interest in previously, so UNIIQU3 is the siren luring me onto Jersey’s shore. Basically, this track is some Loopmasters sample pack Hip-House which strikes the exact perfect balance between Hip-Hop and House; straight to the pleasure-centre dance music that’ll turn your living room into a rave pon lockdown and beyond.

Mere coincidence or is UNiiQU3’s moniker a homage to British Rave pioneers Unique 3? Top tip for Jersey Club producers: pitch Unique 3’s Musical Melody instrumental up slightly, add some booty-chatter™, and you’ve got yourself the first great banger of 2021.

Unique 3 – Musical Melody
(From Musical Melody single; 1990)