Ralo pleads not guilty to all charges and reportedly tells the Judge "Fuck You" – HipHopHotness.com

Ralo who’s real name is “Terrell Davis” was in court Wednesday, May 2. For the first time since being detained and being denied bond Ralo got to see the judge. Ralo is being accussed running a inter-state drug trafficking empire. Ralo was reportedly busted at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport with a plane loaded with the narcotic back in December and once again last month. In total, he was caught with as much as 964 pounds marijuana valued at $2 million, according to reports.

When asked how he would like to plead by the judge, Ralo responded “Fuck You, Not Guilty”! Facing 4 federal counts possession with intent to distribute marijuana.
Already the Fed’s have seized majority his properties which included 9 luxury cars and various properties in Georgia. Ralo is still being held without bail and no date has been giving yet for his next court appearance.

So lets all pray for Ralo and hope he keeps his head during this tuff time.