R.Kelly accuser tells judge he forced her to get abortion and smeared his poop in her face

The trial for R. Kelly has reportedly been going down in New York, as the singer has been facing federal racketeering charges. During the trial, many witnesses to the singers alleged crimes, as well as accusers, have taken the stand, and now one of the accusers has made a shocking revelation.

One of the victims, who was referred to as “Jane Doe #5,” took to the stand and shared some of the acts that Kelly allegedly committed to her. Jane Doe ended up saying she was introduced to the singer when she was 17 while in high school. The two were intro’d at his hotel room after a concert in Orlando. Jane Doe claimed she was “peer-pressured” into giving Kelly oral sex, and also went on to say contracted herpes from the singer. The woman who is now 23-years-old, said “I would have discomfort in my pelvis and lower abdomen,” the now 23-year-old woman said. “It got to the point where I couldn’t even physically walk. This man purposely gave me something he knew he had had. That he could have controlled.”

Jane Doe #5 went on to say Kelly had “rules” she and other women living in his houses in Atlanta and Chicago had to abide by. The woman said “He had mentioned rules…protocols that I would have to abide by in his presence. He wanted me to call him daddy.” Jane Doe #5 also said the punishment for not following the rules including getting feces smeared in her face, which Kelly allegedly filmed. Stay tuned for updates.