R.I.P to Nate Dogg, he got to procreate (part 2)

NHale – In My Hood
(From Young Dogg EP; 2020)

Feelin’ this new single/intro to his upcoming EP by Nate Dogg’s Scrappy Doo NHale. Nate Sprogg can’t quite hold a note like his dearly-departed old man, but the quivers in his voice give him accidental Kokane vybz and stop him becoming the 3D Nate Dogg hologram.

Bonus beats: five years on and Warren G’s single with the posthumous Nate Dogg hook where he interpolated Madness’ Our House is still very much my shit. Even Russell Grant couldn’t have predicted that G-Funk and 2 Tone’s paths would ever cross.

Warren G ft. Nate Dogg – My House
(From Regulate… G-Funk Era Part II EP; 2015)

Warren G clearly not a believer in All Property Is Theft™ eh? Do call it a comeback, don’t call him a comrade.