Proof Freshman list is flawed our list shows who really should be the Freshman 10 –

For the past few years XXL created a Fresman List/Cover where they pick who they think are the best new comers in the music industry. This list is usually biased and never 100 percent correct. Our good friends at the Booking Agent Info helped put together a list which shows who really should be on the list.

We looked at the following factors: Sales (RIAA Certification), Spotify Listens and rs, YouTube Views, Soundcloud Followers and Listens, Instagram Followers, Twitter Followers, and Facebook Fans.

We created an equation to weigh certain factors more than others, for example, we weighed gold and platinum certifications more than the other factors, and weighed Facebook fans the very least. We aimed to weigh the factors that were about sales the most.

Check the list below and tell us what you think. Is it right? If not who would you add or who would you replace?

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