Post Malone And Ozzy Osbourne Flee From The Law In Their Animated ‘It’s A Raid’ Video

Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne’s first-ever collaboration came in the form of their 2019 track, “Take What You Want,” which appeared on the former’s Hollywood’s Bleeding album. Their second would arrive in 2020 with “It’s A Raid,” and more than a year after its release, the duo returns with a new video for the track.

In it, Posty and Ozzy are a pair of runaway individuals who flee from police officers after they were spotted with a sizeable amount of drugs at Ozzy’s home. Despite a lengthy pursuit and several attempts to break free from the officers who followed behind him, the duo would eventually be caught after they crashed their car.

It appears the video for “It’s A Raid” is somewhat based on a true story. According to Billboard, during a SiriusXM listening party last year, Ozzy revealed that the inspiration for the song came when he accidentally triggered the security alarm to his home while he recorded Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4 in Bel Air, California. The action, of course, led to a number of police cars arrive at his house and surrounding it completely. Ozzy reveals that he had “piles of marijuana and cocaine,” when they arrived and yelled, “It’s a f*ckin raid,” before he hid the drugs and ingesting some of the cocaine as he hid in a bathroom.

You can watch the full video above.