Popular New Jersey rapper Trizz HBO arrested for gang criminality & shootout on way to airport cops claim

New Jersey cops are claiming that popular Jersey rapper “Trizz HBO” who’s real name is Tran Roots to be apart of a local street gang raising havoc in the town of Salem City, New Jersey. Even tho the reports are not confirmed and seem biased by the police, they are trying to charge the rapper with Gang criminality. We also just got word that Trizz has been arrested for being in a shootout on his way to the airport for a show he had out of state. We hear that Trizz was actually shot in the shootout when the car he was in got shot 20 plus times. The police report shows that even tho Trizz was shot they are somehow charging Trizz with the shooting that took place.

Reportedly Trizz left the hospital after getting stitched up and still took a flight to his show in Miami at Booby Trap on the river. Trizz’s house was raided by US Marshalls when they picked him up early last week. Check out below screen shots of the arrest we picked up. No word yet on if Trizz has been released. His mixtape “My Story” was just released


Trizz HBO – Wrong Move: