Polo G Calls Out Murda Beatz For Claiming He Worked On ‘Rapstar’

Polo G is one of today’s hottest rappers and the recent success behind his “Rapstar” single is proof of that. In the midst of this celebration, Polo G called out producer Murda Beatz for claiming that he worked on “Rapstar.” The Chicago rapper took his Instagram Story to address the matter. “OK…RAPSTAR that’s currently on YouTube was Only Produced By Einer & Synco,” he wrote. “Not only that, But Yk Damn Well ain’t no n**** Help me write shit So Fa Murda [Beatz] & his camp to keep postin That shit is lame asl.”

Murda Beatz
Murda Beatz

Murda Beatz caught wind of Polo G’s comments and offered his own response. “Proud of this song we made a couple years ago and now it’s a global hit,” he said. “Original creators always get credited on songs even if remade. Nothing but love.” He also shared a screenshot from Spotify that listed him as a songwriter on “Rapstar.”

The back and forth began after Murda Beatz shared an Instagram post celebrating “Rapstar” coming in at No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart for a second consecutive week. “Another #1,” he wrote in the caption. “Been A Crazy Week. Proud Of This One Congrats To Everyone Involved #RAPSTAR.” For what it’s worth, it should also be noted that Murda is labeled as a songwriter and composer for “Rapstar” on Tidal.

You can read the posts from Polo G and Murda Beatz above.