Pleasure P & PrinceHasSpoken Get Into Argument During Love & Hip Hop Miami Premiere Event Over Shay "Buckey" –

Well Love & Hip Hop Miami has ficially launched and we must tell you that the drama has already started. The show which features Trick Daddy, Trina, Gunplay, Pleasure P, and more premiered tonight on VH1. The show was full OD drama including gay rapper Bobby Lytes who was definitely looking for attention and wanted the world to know he was Trina’s cousin (even though she clearly doesn’t rock with him).

Last night in Miami there was an ficial Love & Hip Hop Miami watch party which the cast members all showed up to and it appears that there was already beef even though episode 1 was only aired. Rumors are swirling that Pleasure P and PrinceHasSpoken almost got into a physical altercation in which Buckey had to hold PrinceHasSpoken back. Word is that PrinceHasSpoken may be smashing Buckey “Shay” back out and Pleasure P wasn’t feeling it since thats his girl on the show.

HipHopOverload obtained exclusive footage from the event

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Funny thing is in the episode Shay “Buckey” (which we don’t know why she is on the show) but we guess for the drama from her stint on Flavor Of Love went on and tried the members Pretty Ricky for no reason. Shay and Baby Blue went back and forth and Pleasure P clearly sided with his group members because she was out line.

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