Peace party peep, haha, see ya later!

Pour out a lil’ Maker’s Mark for Mr. Make The Music With Your Mouth. Of course, Biz Markie was the O.G ODB, a damn fine DJ, and a menswear pioneer who was solely responsible for the cult status of Nike’s Air Safari kicks. More importantly, Biz’s Goin’ Off LP is #actually the best album Cold Chillin’ Records ever released because that shit is stacked with anthems from top to bottom. Anyhoo, if you want some deep cuts from the Diabolical then allow me to reintroduce his Converse promo cassette single:

Since Biz recorded the G.O.A.T Elton John cover version, it’s only right that Elton re-records Candle In The Wind as a tribute – goodbye Norma Jean Marcel Theo and hold ya head, Diamond Shell. I hope Heaven got a copy of that CTI 12″ of Take Me To The Mardi Gras without the bells.

**EDIT** Sum shit I never saw before: Roxanne Shante & a trim-ish Biz onstage in 1986 performing Def Fresh Crew. Pardon me, the mighty Def Fresh Crew.

Footage comes from this documentary where some Bork visited New York.