Paddy and Mick walk into a pub…

“It just don’t look like this
If you livin’ carefree then you probably don’t look like us
Damn, n*gga, let me cook right quick”

Mick Jenkins – Carefree
(From The Circus EP; 2020)

Need an investigation into how a Mick Jenkins single produced by Black Milk has ended up a semi-hit in the U.K. Granted, it’s a legit jam about a topic that’s become even more horribly pertinent as 2020 unfolds, but who’d have thunk such a song would become Big In Britain™? Personally, I’m diggin’ this shit because its hazy late night vibe is the exact opposite of what I’d expect a Mick Jenkins & Black Milk collaboration would sound like.

The first Chicago Rap song to be bigger in the U.K than the U.S since Vic Mensa’s Hip-House song. AKA the only Vic Mensa song where his inherent corniness could blossom into something listenable.