One 4 the Britz: Boyz-n-the-Club

The Streets – Weak Become Heroes
(From Original Pirate Material album; 2002)

Not a lotta people know this but ya host is a big fan of Weak Become Heroes by chirpoi Brummoi c*nt Mike “The Streets” Skinner. It’s the one thing Skinner ever recorded where I found his inherent cringe-factor endearing rather than embarrassing, and the song struck a perfect balance between British kitchen sink melancholy and Balearic dancefloor magic. The same can be said of Real Lies 2020 single Boss Trick, thus it’s the true heir to Weak Become Heroes in the canon of Everything But The Pet Shop Boy-core.

Real Lies – Boss Trick
(From 2020 releases bundle EP; 2020)

Definite hint of classic London Trigger flow on this. In fact, if Giggs had grown up as a so sensitive North London sad lad then his music would probably sound like Boss Trick.