OffSet is jealous of Bruno Mars and Cardi B relationship people in Cardi B's camp is leaking –

For the past 2-3 Months OffSet has been caught cheating on Cardi B left and right. Its been about 2 sextape videos which showed OffSet smashing some random chicks while he was on the road touring. Well today we have a rumor Cardi B possibly smashing Bruno Mars.

We hear that at the Grammy’s Cardi and Bruno got real close to close for some and that they were even caught cuddling at one point.

It does not help that Bruno just broke the news that he will be taking Cardi B on tour with him.

Once that broke we hear OffSet was pissed f and that he gave Cardi a choice him or Bruno. People in Cardi’s camp tell us Offset is convinced that Bruno is smashing his girl. What do you guys think should Cardi just leve OffSet for Bruno? Would that be a upgrade for her?

Annndddd…what if I told u imma bring my lil sis on tour so we can really turn your city upside down! Make this finale a party!!

— Bruno Mars (@BrunoMars)

Wooh!!!! ?????

— Bruno Mars (@BrunoMars)