Odell Beckham Jr sat down with Mav Carter and denied that he like woman pooping on him

Odell Beckham Jr. recently sat down with Mav Carter and went over the rumor that broke the internet! Chief Keefs baby mother Slim Danger on Thots Next Door podcast revealed that Odell paid her to poop on his chest. Well finally we hear from Odell and he had a lot to say.

Odell said “Of every rumor and situation, all the bullsh** I’ve dealt with in my career, this was the funniest sh**,” said OBJ. “My boy sent it to me and I woke up… I seen it at like, seven in the morning when I was going to take my test and I watched it and I called him back in tears crying. Like, I have never, ever in my life heard this one. I couldn’t even believe it.”

Check video out below!