Nova Gholar Shares A Glimpse Of His Impeccable Style In “WNDR”

“WNDR” is exciting, rhythmic, and original, infused with various elements of r&b, hip hop, jazz and even rap. Nova Gholar, who is certainly a talented artist, shines bright with his cool-sounding lyrics and fun music video. This single has the power to tune out the rest of the world and immerse the listener in its own.

With well over 50K views on YouTube and even more on Spotify, “WNDR” represents a new era of style for Nova Gholar. His previous works include the 2018 album The Preacher’s Kid with 19 songs and numerous singles like “Hollywood dreamin”, “FRDM” and this year’s “Confidence” which are creations from the heart as any listener will be able to tell.  

The artist started learning the drums and then the piano at his father’s church and then transitioned into college and freestyling until the release of his very first mixtape called Innovation. Today he is a successful artist with great talent to share with the world. 

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