Not over till the fat wavy plays the demo

Max B – Over (Intro)
(From Negro Spirituals album; 2021)

Always wanted to say that Max B has album intros which body other Rapper’s whole albums and now I can. My man still makes good music, man. A lotta y’all favourites don’t!!

Mountains is as close as this Negro Spirituals album comes to a Nu-Wave BBQ Music anthem, which is a pre-Christmas miracle since it’s produced by that useless hack Paul Couture.

Max B – Mountains
(From Negro Spirituals album; 2021)

Miraculously, Paul Couture didn’t manage to mangle Don’t Make Me Cry‘s Picture Me Rollin’ interpolation either. Bit weird having Raheem DeVaughn on this shit, tho – Max and a sanger on the same song is like having parsnips and potato wedges on the same plate innit?
Max B ft. Raheem DeVaughn – Don’t Make Me Cry
(From Negro Spirituals album; 2021)