Nipsey Hussle was going to open a Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas in 2020

With each day passing since we lost Nipsey Hussle we are now learning more and more how woke this man was. From buying back his block and giving all his people jobs the list continues. From Nipsey’s business partner David Gross we now learn that he and Nipsey had reached an agreement to become partial owners a resort/casino that was coming to Las Vegas in 2020 called “The Virgin”. Check out the IG post below which shows Nipsey’s business partner going into full detail on how the deal came about!

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“Spoke some things into the universe and they appeared…” . You always emphasized how important articulating a vision was to actually executing . We always planned to tell the story behind these pictures but didn’t get the chance to because we were busy executing on the next idea, and each successive opportunity got bigger and bigger… . This moment deserves sharing because this was a full circle moment. The significance and symbolism this was pround for both us because this was us realizing the American Dream at a high level; we took different paths, but both started with no money, connections or a legacy roadmap that got us to this moment. . This was about 4 months after our syndicate (@djkhaled, @luoldeng9, @rdpeebles) put in a bid for the Viceroy Santa Monica. We were unsuccessful in that but we still shared our attempt with the world. Some people were puzzled why we would share a “failure” but we knew… . A few weeks later, senior execs from Virgin Hotels reached out to Atlantic (@dallaslifestyle) to meet with us to see if we were serious about being in the hospitality space. We were 👌🏽 . This is the meeting a couple months later, that would result in us becoming partial owners, not a hotel… But a resort and casino in the desert… . The Virgin Las Vegas coming 2020 #legend #facts #TheMarathonContinues 🏁

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