Nipsey Hussle warns Cardi B to watch her mouth about Crips and Cardi bangs back at Nipsey –

Cardi B has been all in the headlines for the past few weeks for a post she made dissing Crips. The picture showed Cardi wearing Blue and refering to the color as Flu! Which is a diss to Crips. It got so crazy that some Crip gang members in LA threatened her life and warned her to cancel her shows out in LA.

Nipsey got wind the comments and was a guest on Big Boy TV and let Cardi know she should leave the gangsta talk alone! Check the video below Nipsey speaking on it. Cardi later posted a picture on Instagram where she let Nipsey know she been Banging Blood since she was 16. Check everything below

Nipsey Hussle telling Cardi B to watch her mouth

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