Nicki Minaj Sued For Plagiarism

Things are not looking too bright for Barbie Queen. The singer Tracy Chapman is accusing  her of having sampled, without her authorization, an excerpt from her 1988 creation titled “Baby Can I Hold You.” According to her complaint, not only did she not give her permission, but as of June 2018, the singer has been receiving “multiple requests” for permission from Nicki Minaj’s agents, which she had all refused: “Chapman, through her agents and representatives, repeatedly refused requests to use her compositions “mention the documents of the complaint.

Following repeated refusals, Nicki Minaj renounces to include the title Sorry without her album Queen, released last August. So far so good, except that in reality, the rapper gives a copy of the title to DJ Funkmaster Flex. the famous DJ in the States works for the radio station (HOT 97).

Conclusion: the title is still on the air, and it is still accessible online.

Stay in tune as we cover more on this matter.