New Sex tape video showing OffSet cheating on Cardi B again 'Video inside' –

Damn OffSet say it aint so! Not even 2 weeks after a video was released showing OffSet smashing another while being with Cardi B, we now have a new video OffSet smashing someone else. The video has been leaked and it shows OffSet laying in bed naked waiting for another girl who looks nothing like Cardi B getting on top him naked also to have sex.

No words from Cardi yet but one can only wonder how pissed f she is going to be. It seems every week OffSet is cheating on her. Check the videos below

You gotta do better

— Fmoi:Lenadadoll? (@lenadadoll)

Bruh. done cheated on …. AGAIN ???‍♀️?

— Unfuckwittable. (@TyreanaWebb)