New Police Body cam graphically shows George Floyd’s death warning graphic

New video has finally been released and it shows body cam footage of when George Floyd was wrongfully killed by police in Minneapolis. The disturbing footage shows Floyd in utter fear from the moment Minneapolis police officers approached his vehicle. “Let me see your hands,” ordered Thomas Lane, the rookie cop part of the four ex-officers charged in Floyd’s death. “Stay in the car. Let me see your other hand. Get your f–king hands up right now.”

“What did we do?” replied Floyd. “Put your hand up there,” Lane yells while pointing his handgun at Floyd. “Put your f–king hand up there! Keep you f–king hands on the wheel. f–king hands on the wheel!”

“Please don’t shoot me. Please man,” Floyd said. “Please. I’m going to get out now. Please don’t shoot me.” He is then handcuffed and questioned about the alleged counterfeit $20 bill situation at the Cup Foods convenience store. Floyd later began scuffling with the officers as they waited to place him in the police vehicle. The scuffle led to Floyd being thrown to the ground while all four men constrained him. Derek Chauvin, the ex-cop now charged with murder, pinned his knee on Floyd’s neck until the 46-year-old lost consciousness and died.

Check video out below!

New Graphic video of George Floyd death from Body cam: