Nasser Slams New Soundscapes With “One More Chance?”

The up-and-coming artist from Orlando, Nasser, is on a new rampage of sounds and emotions with the latest single “One More Chance?”

The track is produced by Brian Baso and Doug Woodrow and written by Nasser.

The artist meets the unrequited energy of his previously released singles “Feel This” and “I’m Fine.” The new track has Nasser searching deep into his emotions to emit undeniable feelings and relatable thoughts. 

After merging into the scene with a fire debut track “I’m fine,” fans can expect nothing but the best from this rising artist.

His styles include meshes of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and electro, wrapped into beautiful soundscapes.

“One More Chance?” holds unfiltered thoughts and the mesmerizing musical integrity of the artist.

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