Mz Genesiz Wants To Write The Most Empowering Songs You’Ve Ever Heard: Checkmate

Female rapper, author, and businesswoman Mz Genesiz, showcases her dominating presence in the game as a leading artist fighting for women empowerment, on her new album Checkmate. Providing a radical departure from the hypersexualized world of female rap, Checkmate is the kind of album that will soon turn-out to be a favorite among the young generation of women who believe they can and will reach their life goals without having to get naked, have sex, or take anyother kind of degrading step in order to fulfill their potential and make their dreams come true. 

In the footsteps of inspiring figures like Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah, Mz Genesiz’ number one mission is to make the world a better, safer, and more inclusive world for the next gen. She is raw, authentic, and incredibly courageous, and was able to create and produce an album that exactly represents her values, message, and limitless energy. 

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Genesiz went to Strawberry Mansion high school with rapper Meek Mill. She has also performed for crowds of 50,000 plus alongside Ryan Leslie, Roscoe Dash, Soldier Boy, among many others.

Her experience as a hard-working woman paired with the fine artistry she has been revealing in everything she’s released so far, are some of the elements that allow us to think she will be playing a major role in tomorrow’s re-configured music industry. 

Check-out Checkmate below: