My Mind Spray

Let The Homocides Begin by Top Priority & Percee P has gotta be the funniest song title typo in Rap history.

What’s the last Gucci Mane song you really liked? Mines is Ring The Alarm.

2021: the year it was revealed DJ Kool Herc’s nightclub stabbing happened because MC Coke La Rock had nipped home to take a shit since he didn’t like the club’s toilets.

Billy Jam’s YouTube channel won the internet last week for uploading Digital Underground’s electronic press kit and M.C Pooh’s Life Of A Criminal video.

The worst decision Zev Luv DOOM ever made was thinking Popcorn was a Mr Hood-type track rather than a Black Bastards-type track and leaving it off the latter album. A particularly baffling decision considering he chopped up #actual Mr. Hood era B-side Plumskinzz and put it on Black Bastards twice.

What I’d love right now is for a great regional Rap single to come outta nowhere and take over the world like Nelly’s Country Grammar (Hot Shit) did in 2000 or Rich Boy & Polow’s Throw Some D’s did in 2006.

Failing that, I’d settle for Eatem’s Go Get Yo F*ckin’ Brotha blowing up. Think of it as overcharging the industry for the way it mistreated Bailey’s F*ck Yo Couch.

Did Barry Manilow know that Kurtis Blow raided his wardrobe?

This is in no way an Azealia Banks endorsement, but I hope UNiiQU3’s Microdosing goes on to be the new 212.

I was wrong about They Don’t Really Love Us by Phil Blunts & Black Jesus being the most Queens-soundin’ Rap song to ever come from Yonkers. The answer is #actually G-Notes by Black Jesus & Snypa.