Mr. Kristopher Shares Story About Learning to Understand Depression on Latest EP

Mr. Kristopher is a LA Based artist who has been on a creative roll for a long time. Brooklyn Trilogy EP is something that sets him apart. Having released a hefty number tracks last year for his Brooklyn Trilogy EP Part 1,  Brooklyn Trilogy EP Part 2Communion EP and also having a release on Panda Funk records, the producer sure doesn’t seems to be stopping anytime soon. The Brooklyn Trilogy EP came out on TSG / AllMe Music and if you haven’t checked out the part 1 and 2 yet, you can listen to it below:

Now, the producer is back again with part 3 infamous Brooklyn Trilogy EP. This one also has 4 tracks and every single track carries a particular set emotions. This EP carries the whole techno feel pretty evenly and perfectly throughout. Each song has a pretty nice production to it too, with punchy drums, rolling basslines and full space and time allotted for every element to breath. The work done on “Holographic Feel” and “Before The War” is something that  really liked, but, one track from the EP about which we are super excited for is the “Hope You Know.” There is a special story behind this song and according to Mr Kristopher he used depression as a creative weapon for this track for a friend who was going through a rough patch at that time. This is what the producer has to say about the track:

Check out the EP below on SoundCloud & if you wish to stream it on some other platform follow the link here.

Mr. Kristopher did a phenomenal job with the EP & making the Hope you know track  using his creative & artistic vision and emotions to which his friend could relate to. We hope the best for him and can’t wait for what more he has in store for us this year. Follow the artist to stay updated:

Mr. Kristopher: