Mostly Tha Voice: The Next Level

“I guess we had the right song with the wrong key
Why every time I try to tell you go that you don’t leave?
I guess we had the right coat with the wrong sleeves
Even though this shit comin’ out my throat It’s beeeeyond meeeee”

Reese Youngn – Warrior
(From Warrior single; 2021)

Damn – that lad who went viral for soundin’ like Rich Homie Quan gargling with magma on his No More Parties In L.A remix is actually kinda sick huh? Give Warrior to anyone else and it’d be some standard MOR Spotify-core; give it to Reese Youngn to howl life into it, however, and Warrior becomes the molten sound at the core of a man’s soul. Or sumfink lol.