Mixing Street Rap With Modern Hip-Hop, Losk33 Drops “Lord Have Mercy” Featuring Foogiano

Collaborating with acclaimed artist Foogiano on a new beautifully produced hip-hop hybrid joint titled “Lord Have Mercy,” Losk33 follows-up in style to his album PSA dropped earlier in 2020. 

Showcasing swag lyricism, groovy beats, utmost artistry, and passion for the genre, both performers display their raw talent and hard working spirits. 

They deliver a flawless mixture of old-school-sounding street rap and modern vibes. Rising hip-hop star Losk33 shared, “It was a gift from God. Immediately after hearing the instrumental, something came over me. Ran through it a few more times, put pen to paper, and the rest is history,” referring to the new release. 

Rick Rogers Worldwide filmed the visuals for the track. They stay true to the vibe of “Lord Have Mercy,” displaying the hood’s chill, feel-good energy. There is also an adequate amount of imagery filled with dollars and guns.