Mick Jenkins Laments Being Stuck In Second Place On ‘Scottie Pippen’

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins is back with another new single to promote his upcoming album, Elephant In The Room. After kicking off his latest buzz cycle with the video for “Contacts,” Mick addresses the disappointment of going through a relationship feeling like a second-place priority with “Scottie Pippen.” Named for the NBA Hall of Famer who has famously been committed to the annals of history as just being Michael Jordan’s sidekick despite being one of the greatest players of all time, the song is aptly named.

For the rollout to Elephant In The Room, Mick has created a nifty website mirroring his phone’s calendar, contacts, notes, and photos apps, using it to offer insights into the album and the tracks that have been released so far. Of “Scottie Pippen,” Mick writes, “Scottie Pippen never got the recognition he deserved when playing next to Micahel Jordan. He is often relegated to just a sidekick, but he was just as important in those championship games as Mike. Sometimes no matter how hard we try we’ll just be number two to some. And no matter how great the work is, it goes underappreciated.”

Relatable content. Speaking of, there’s also a reminders list on his site with a link to pre-save the album, as well as reminders to “CALL YOUR MOTHER” and “Drink More Water,” which, y’know? We could all stand to do a little more.

Listen to “Scottie Pippen” above.