Miami Policer officer taser’s pregnant woman twice & has knee on her neck forcing her to have miscarriage

According to reports, a pregnant woman named Safiya Satchell was the victim of a Miami Gardens police officer who put his knee in the neck of the 33-year-old woman. Along with that, the ex-officer also stunned the woman twice, which allegedly caused the woman to have a miscarriage.

The video shows the woman being dragged out of her vehicle by an ex-police officer named Jordy Martel, who put the woman on the ground then put his knee in her neck. Since the video surfaced, Martel has been fired for his misconduct caught on camera and hit with multiple charges of battery. Martel was charged with misconduct for filling two false reports about the situation that went down with Satchell outside of a strip club.

Satchell was arrested for battery on a cop, along with resisting arrest with violence, but her charges have been dropped. Martel is currently being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.