Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation donates to COVID-19 relief | The Music Universe

Four relief funds will be gifted $350k

Metallica is stepping up to assist those who’ve been affected by the coronavirus pandemic through its All Within My Hands Foundation (AWMH). The group shares that Feeding America, Direct Relief, Live Nation’s Crew Nation, and The USBG National Charity Foundation will all receive grants totaling $350k.

“In the wake the spread the coronavirus, the most vulnerable people in our communities need help now more than ever,” the group shares. “All Within My Hands is reaching out with four grants totaling $350,000 to organizations dedicated to assisting those hit hard by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.”

Feeding America recently launched the COVID-19 Response Fund as they continue to work with their network local food banks reacting to the specific needs individual communities. As the need continues to grow, local food banks are suffering from a lack volunteers, donations and food distribution assistance from their normal channels. AWMH has pledged $100,000 to this fund.

As last week, Direct Relief has responded to 22 countries, providing more than 40 tons personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers on the front lines. Direct Relief will continue to expand and diversify its efforts as the secondary effects this pandemic on the healthcare system become more evident. Direct Relief is in constant collaboration and communication with allies in the battle to manage this outbreak through its relationships across global, international and national agencies such as the World Health Organization, the US Department Health and Human Services, the CDC, ASPR, State Offices emergency management, etc. AWMH has pledged $100,000 to this fund.

As you all know, Metallica’s live shows — all live music in general — would not be possible without the countless crew members working behind the scenes. As COVID-19 puts the entire live music industry on pause, AWMH wants to extend a helping hand to the touring and venue crews who make their living show-to-show. Live Nation has committed $10 million to their Crew Nation initiative, contributing an initial $5 million to the fund, then matching the next $5 million donated by artists, fans and employees. AWMH has pledged $100,000 to this fund to help those who make it all happen year in and year out on the road.

In addition to the hard-working crews who support the group on tour, Metallica relies heavily on the worldwide hospitality industry. As restaurants, hotels, cfee shops, bars and other food and beverage providers have been forced to close or shift to delivery/pick-up operations, hundreds thousands workers are suddenly without jobs. AWMH has pledged $50,000 to the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP) to assist qualified bartenders, bar backs, and bar servers in need financial assistance.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has sent us retreating to our homes, Metallica has launched the “Metallica Mondays” streaming series. Each Monday at 5 pm PST they’ll broadcast a full concert from the Metallica video archives directly to your couch Facebook Live and YouTube. Generous donations to AWMH from fans enjoying the weekly series have already amounted to $15,000 and they pledge to continue to raise funds during the weekly streams to support those impacted by COVID-19.