Meek Mill paying for Laywer of Philadelphia Uncle who was arrested after he shot back at man who shot his 10 year old Nephew Semaj O’Branty in the head

The other day a 10 year Philadelphia kid in the Frankford section was shot in his head in a drive by shooting. Video has caught the shooting and in the shooting you can see Semaj O’Branty uncle Ernest Richardson shoot back. Ernest who is 22 years old has been charged with a gun fense for protecting his nephew.

According to the district attorney, Richardson returned fire at the car from where the shots originated and then ditched his firearm inside a nearby recycling bin. Richardson has been charged with recklessly endangering another person, possession an instrument crime and violations the uniform firearms act.

Hearing that the uncle is being charged after protecting his nephew who is only 10 years old and shot in the head, Meek Mill is having his very own legal team represent Ernest! Meek is over the crime in Philly and hate that his own city is now killing the babies. Meeks team has already filed a motion to get this case thrown out.

Video Shooting:

News report on Shooting: