Meek Mill new girl Nessa shows off the $250,000 dollar diamond promise ring he bought her while in jail –

It seems Meek Mill is still moving on with his life while being locked up in jail. Meek Mill’s new boo Colombian Instagram model Nessa showed f a $250,000 dollar ring he had purchased for her while being locked up. We are told this RING is one step from marriage. Meek and Nessa are calling it a Promise ring. For Nessa its her promising to hold Meek down while he is locked up. For Meek it’s him promising to not cheat on her like he did Nicki Minaj when he does get his freedom.

We are told Meek is head over heels for Nessa and ready to make it ficial by giving her his last name. Check the Instagra post Nessa did earlier in the week showing f the ring gifted to her from Meek.

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