Meek Mill clowns Roddy Rich for signing with a major label and not signing with Dream Chaser Records

Meek Mill still seems to be upset that Roddy Rich has not signed with his Dream Chaser Records after Meek gave Roddy the big co-sign. Meek still feels slighted that Roddy cut him out his music contract. A lot people close to Meek tell us Meek feels that he made Roddy hot and gave him the co-sign he was missing which has now blew him up. So Meek his twitter let it be known that Roddy is currently a slave to his label and should have signed with DC where he would have all his freedom and make more money. Check out the tweet below from Meek aimed at Roddy and tell us what you think! Is Meek right?

Meek Mill with Roddy Rich in studio working when he was supposed to sign with DreamChaser Records: