McClenney’s Effortless Groove, ‘Kerosene,’ Previews A New Album, ‘On A Virgo Mind’

Sharing a new single featuring St. Panther today, McClenney is gearing up to release his new full-length project, On A Virgo Mind later this summer on August 13. Releasing the album fully independently, this 26-year-old producer and songwriter is known for his work shaping the sound of Black alternative R&B by collaborating with artists like Jamila Woods, Chika, H.E.R., Khalid and more. Actually, McClenney was a collaborator on the breakout hit that put Khalid on the map, “Location,” which was also Grammy-nominated.

Focusing back on his own solo work, McClenney has earned the co-sign of music industry titan Quincy Jones, and worked tirelessly to help change outdated, coded language in the Grammys that incorrectly labeled Black music categories. He co-authored the proposal that advocated for the organization to remove “urban” from their categories and swap in more descriptive labels like “melodic rap.” Separately, he also co-authored a proposal that expanded the global music categories.

This week’s taste of his forthcoming album is more effortless grooving from the self-described “creative Black mind,” and prominently features St. Panther, aka Irvine born producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Daniela Bojorges-Giraldo. Check out the song below and hear some of his older work above with the “Give Me Time” video. Keep an eye out for more updates on the new full-length from McClenney coming very soon.