Maxwell James is an artist to watch | The Music Universe

The EP is available digitally

A beautiful new voice has emerged from Nashville, South Wales. Maxwell James taps into the heart and spirit America with his debut, self-titled EP. With European roots but with a an American musical spirit, Maxwell will definitely be one artist to watch.

Combining a bit everything, Maxwell displays blues, country and little rock in this easy to listen to five track EP. These are five songs that amazingly blend well into each other and before you know it, it’s over. That’s really the only critical thing one can say since you’re left wanting to hear more. The EP won’t exactly be a game changer in music but Maxwell can be a force if he keeps this creative pace going.

Standout tracks such as “The More You Say, The Less I Know” with its detailing on relationships on the verge a meltdown, or “When It’s Real” that speaks about not knowing if you’re in really love, will definitely be relatable to the masses. But you can say that about any these tracks, which we hope to hear more in the full-length album. We’re sitting here waiting for the rest this completed, first rate debut.