Master P promises to give Allen Iverson his flowers when he takes over ReeBok “A.I will be taking care of”

Master P and former NBA superstar Baron Davis are buying the iconic sneaker company Reebok. The reported price tag is $2.4 Billion dollars. When discussing his vision for ReeBok Master P said “My main concern is Allen Iverson and giving A.I. his flowers”. P said “Iverson is a cultural icon who for the urban community was way more impactful than Michael Jordan was”. “When Allen Iverson came into the NBA nobody looked like him, Iverson had Tattoo’s, cornrows and baggy clothes he was the urban culture and he made it work”.

Master P plans to take care of Iverson and make sure he is set for life. Lets take a trip down memory lane with some iconic A.I. Reebok commercials.

A.I. Reebok 4 commericial with his rap song:

A.I. 1998 Reebok commericial:

A.I. & JadaKiss commercial:

A.I. 1996 rookie year Reebok commercial: