Master P is paying for 14 year old basketball star Semaj Miller funeral who was killed from gang violence in Compton

Rap icon Master P is calling out all the big homies in every hood letting them know “Our Kids Lives Matter”. Just this past week basketball superstar Semaj Miller who was only 14 years old was killed in Compton from gang violence. Semaj was a 6’7 basketball star on the rise. Master P went on to say “I’ve been taking care of the kids in Compton for over 22 years, they call me Coach P. We lost a valuable piece of our future, 6’7, 14 year-old Semaj Miller to gang violence and senseless killings. Semaj could have been the next Demar DeRozan, Kawhi Leonard or LeBron James, but he was gunned down in LA, now we will never know. I’m praying for the family, for their peace and justice. We are supposed to be preparing our kids for college not for a funeral.”

To support the family a GO FUND ME account has been started the link is below