Marshmello is Releasing a Posthumous Lil Peep Collab Tomorrow

In November 2017, the music industry lost one its most notable rising talents. Lil Peep, real name Gustav Åhr, passed away at the age 21 from an overdose. An autopsy revealed the drug he intended to take was laced with fentanyl; a deadly opioid that’s headed the epidemic spreading across the United States. Before his passing, Lil Peep had been working in the studio with numerous artists from all across the musical spectrum. Our favorite not-so-hidden identity DJ/producer, Marshmello, was amongst those working with Peep.
On January 6th, Marshmello took to Twitter to announce the release the track they’d be constructing, per request Peep’s mother. The tune is set to drop this Friday, January 12th. Check out the series tweets below:

Lil Peep was known for his innovative tunes, crossing emo and hip-hop in an interesting and remarkable way. Tracks like “Beamer Boy” and “Awful Things” have already made their mark. His unique sound and style will live on as many fans, friends, and collaborators continue to honor Peep on social media, in music videos, and during shows alike.