Man claiming he killed XXXTentacion post video explaining why he did it –

We have gotten our hands on a disturbing video which shows a man claiming he was one the aleged 3 gunmen that killed superstar rapper XXXTentacion. Currently only one the killers are arrested and his name is Dedrick D Williams. On the run is 2 others who the police are actively looking for. It is beleived by police per the ficial police report that Dedrick D Williams did not pull the trigger but 2 other men did.

A video has since been circulating which shows a man claiming he killed
XXXTentacion. The man gives a disgusting review how the murder played out which in his words had XXXTentacion pleading for his life. Check the video below and tell us what you think. The man also claims that XXXTentacion did something to them so they came back.