Malcom Butler was benched in Super Bowl LII because he missed curfew hanging out with Rick Ross –

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport broke news that star cornerback for the New England Patriots Malcom Butler was benched because he missed curfew the night before Super Bowl LII partying with Rick Ross.

The whole world was wondering why Maclom was benched while the game was going on well now we have answers. Check the video below Rapoport breaking the news.

What Rick Ross had to do with Malcolm Butler being benched from

— Dan Hellie (@DanHellie)

What in the world did Malcom Butler do to deserve being benched for the SB. Keep in mind he was dressed watching from the sideline which is more torture

— Jeff Allen (@JeffAllen71)

What did Malcom Butler do that he is not playing….I thought maybe he missed curfew but this is absurd at this point!!

— DIGGZ32 (@JamesIhedigbo)