Mako is Bringing Back The Band for Upcoming North American Tour

Following up on the successful release his new single “Breathe,” longtime favorite Mako is embarking on a 33-date North American live tour, where Seaver will front a four piece live band, bringing the act’s reimagined vision to life.

While this is certainly a significant change in approach for Mako, it also serves as a representation the ongoing shift in focus for live performances, and the touring industry in general. 

 Several years ago, most fans electronic music wanted nothing more than a chance to see their favorite DJ perform; it was new, it was fresh, and the combination cool lights, stage production, and the opportunity to see a beloved artist in person was more than sufficient. 

However, as a generation fans has grown up deeply immersed in the hyper-involved culture DJ’s, clubs, and live music as a whole, what was previously desired is ten no longer enough to sustain the previous level interest, engagement and excitement. 

This ‘desire for more’ has been present within electronic music for several years, but is even more pronounced now as we see many artists shifting towards the re-incorporation bands, an increased emphasis on production value, and course the presence live instrumentation. 

 To us here at, we view this shift as sign that electronic music is going through an important evolution that is necessary to sustain engagement with fans, as well as to adapt and conform with the societal pressures and cultural structures that emerges in response to. 

 As times change and societal beliefs and demands shift, our wants and needs as consumers artistic representation have by necessity also been altered, and it’s certainly refreshing to see exciting new electronic music trends emerge to meet these demands. 

With that said, we’re thrilled to see an ever-increasing number electronic acts incorporating powerful live aspects into their performance, and we’re looking forward to seeing this dramatic shift take place with Mako on his upcoming tour!

The Breathe tour kicks f in Ann Arbor, Michigan before stopping in major cities including Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego and more. 

Tickets for Mako’s North American tour are on sale now

Mako is Bringing Back The Band for Upcoming North American Tour
Mako is Bringing Back The Band for Upcoming North American Tour