Listen To Chief Moquiuix’s Outstanding Urban Creations

Rising from SouthEast San Diego & West Las Vegas, Chief Moquiuix has been on the march to deliver masterpieces including various cultures and experiences. This multicultural influence has helped him perform hit songs throughout his career.

His lyrical mastery emits extraordinary urban spectacles, captivating audiences from different genres. Spreading his lines across fine tunes has garnered him a fairly notable name in the industry.

His latest releases, “Irrational,” “Buenoz Diaz,” and “Radicalism,” were revealed with astonishing music videos. Chief Moquiuix has a talent for creating glowing joints with rousing hues that will surely have you humming for days.

His unbreakable ties to his roots have secured him the skills and artistic uniqueness to deliver his musical prowess. The artist probes into the spotlight as he leads with striking masterpieces of melody and passion.