Lil Yachty Flexes His Freestyle Skills In The In-Studio ‘Cortex’ Video

Lil Yachty has been on a tear lately, as if he’s out to prove all his early-careers haters’ assumptions that he couldn’t rap wrong. Over the last few months, he’s released a string of lyrically focused freestyles such as the “Royal Rumble” cipher with seemingly all of the rising rappers in Michigan and the “No More Beatboxing Freestyle,” which saw him take on two of the hotter instrumentals of the moment. Now, he keeps the ball rolling with “Cortex,” a quick hitter accompanied by an in-studio video surrounded by his clique.

In addition to his freestyle videos, Yachty’s been rolling out a few singles that show that his songwriting remains as clever as ever, with videos that showcase his quirky sense of humor and visual creativity. In February, he released the dapper “Asshole” video with Oliver Tree, as well as the Vince Staples-featuring “In My Stussy’s” video. Meanwhile, he’s keeping his corporate profile pristine as well; at the end of 2020, he collaborated with Reese’s Puff cereal on a box and a new song, and earlier this year, it was reported that he’s developing a heist movie based on the card game Uno. He’s also set to appear in season two of Lil Dicky’s breakout FX comedy, Dave.

Watch the Lil Yachty “Cortex” video above.