Lil Yachty Asked Drake To Get Nicki Minaj To Unblock Him On Twitter

During a recent interview with TMZ about the return of live shows in 2021, Lil Yachty revealed that despite counting himself as one of Nicki Minaj’s biggest fans, Mrs. Petty still has him blocked over supporting Cardi B (with whom he shares a connection through Quality Control Music) during the two female stars’ tiff in 2018 — and the measures to which he’s gone to try to rectify the situation.

When the TMZ hosts brought up the inciting interview with their former colleague Raquel Harper on her show Raq Rants, Yachty chuckled. “It’s the Barbz, man!” he declared. “They still killing me!”

Explaining the situation, he said, “I’ve got a lot of love for Cardi B and she’s damn near a family member, so through whatever I’m gonna ride. I’ve loved Nicki Minaj since I was a child. Yesterday, I went on Twitter retweeting my tweets from middle school praising Nicki and I went on Instagram Live letting the world know that Nicki has me blocked from that interview. I even hit Drake, like, ‘Tell Nicki I love her!’ I checked this morning — I’m still blocked… I think she’s standing strong, but my love for Nicki is forever.”

Yachty’s not the only one with whom Queen Barb and her fans have had issues online. Lil Nas X apparently received enough backlash from Barbz mad about his previous denial (an unforgivable sin, clearly) over mentioning his prior love for Nicki Minaj on his new song “Sun Goes Down” that he made a statement on Twitter that he’d no longer mention her in his music.

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