Lil Mosey Pleads Not Guilty To The Rape Charges Against Him

Lil Mosey has pled “not guilty” to the rape charges against him after turning himself in upon learning that a warrant had been issued due to a missed court date in January, according to local Centralia, Washington paper, The Chronicle. Mosey’s lawyer explained his absence from the initial court date, telling the court that the summons was sent to an address that Lil Mosey vacated five years ago, leaving him with no knowledge of the court date until after it had passed.

Mosey appeared for his arraignment, however, with his lawyers and his parents to enter the not guilty plea, and was released on $50,000 unsecured bail. The conditions of the bail include travel restrictions, which his lawyers requested lifted to accommodate his international tour dates, including Canada and Portugal for Rolling Loud. The lawyers also waived Mosey’s right to a speedy trial, requesting a date in January 2022 to give them time to locate witnesses they believe can clear his name.

The judge seemed amenable to lifting the travel restrictions, saying, “It’s not like he can go off and hide somewhere because that would make this so much worse.” However, the trial date was rejected, with Judge James W. Lawler reasoning that in the two days since accepting the case, the attorneys were unlikely to have discovered new witnesses and wouldn’t have needed so much additional time to track them down.

A woman accused Mosey and another teen, Francisco Prater, of having sex with her and another woman when they were inebriated and incapable of consenting during or after a party. After consuming alcohol, women say they passed out and woke up to the men assaulting them. Mosey was, at the time, just 17, but turned 18 earlier this year. Prater was 18, and has yet to turn himself in. The victim was legally an adult. Although police began investigating the same day, charges weren’t filed until 15 months later, earlier this month. Mosey’s trial is tentatively set for July 19.