Lil Baby reveals 'Errbody' Vevo Footnotes | The Music Universe

Rapper takes fans behind-the-scenes of video

GRAMMY-nominated rapper Lil Baby has exclusively partnered with Vevo for a behind-the-scenes look at his action-packed music video “Errbody.” In the Vevo Footnotes episode, he reveals his favorite scenes to film, talks the thrill of doing his own stunts and bringing a helicopter into his hood. Directors Edgar Estevez, Daps, and Christian Breslauer also explain their inspirations behind the video concept and the challenges of filming the helicopter scenes and the car chases with spectators in downtown Atlanta.

The rapper released the “Errbody” video on his 26th birthday, December 3, 2020. They filmed in downtown Atlanta, and a huge challenge was working around all the pedestrian onlookers who would almost always get in the way.

“Edgar wrote the treatment for this concept when P called him and said he needed a crazy visual,” the directors share. “Coming with heavy action concepts he knew collaborating with Christian, who’s done tons of action movie inspired music videos, was a no-brainer and would bring the cinematic vision. Daps was the glue holding us all together having worked with Lil Baby so much.”

The chase sequence and using a helicopter were challenges they faced.

“The most challenging part of the shoot was the car chase sequence. Safety was a huge factor, and from the stunt drivers to the camera operators, we needed to be sure everyone was on the same page. Shooting a sequence like that is a well-orchestrated dance, and everyone needs to be in sync to create the magic,” producers share.

Another challenge was putting a real helicopter in the middle of Baby’s hood. “With that being the hook of the song, we knew there was no other option. It was super important to Baby,” they say.

You’ll notice the helicopter is branded with Lil Baby’s 4PF logo. It’s also on his military uniform.